Hello Friends,

My vision for Pro Elite Traders is to help other traders become profitable. I will set up a way for people to connect and have either a mentor or at least a trading buddy. My vision is to produce high quality day trading study material, book, video and online. I would like to experiment with having a group of successful traders review a chart and create an execution plan for entry and exit. Finally, my vision for Pro Elite Traders, is to trade live and explain what I am doing so others can learn.

I launched this website in September 2019. More features are coming. Private Membership sign up. Currently you can sign up for a regular membership for free. Next, build a way to help traders connect with a mentor or trading buddy.

I primarily Day Trade or Intra Day trade. Occasionally I swing trade. Options I hold for a short time to several days. I blog all my trades. My hope is to help other traders. Am I an altruist? In part yes. I have a history, since a child, helping others. Also, I am blogging for selfish reasons to help my trading. Top trainers suggest to put forth the effort and journal your experiences.

I recommend paper trading simulator. I don't want you to become a statistic. 90 90 90 Rule Your trading experience in a simulator can be different when you go live. Different chemistry is happening in your brain when trading live. Start small when you go live with your hard earned money.

In summary, I hope to help anyone in this volatile arena. This can be done by learning from my mistakes and successes.

Take profits and cut losses.