The Beginning

January 7th, 2018 | 2 minute read (Repost from We The Market)

This blog is the beginning of my journey with the market. I started my trading in August 2017 by dipping my hands in the Options arena. I joined a group that had 24 successful trades in a row. What would any rookie do after seeing those results? Blindly follow and investing heavy into the next 10 option trade alerts. Seven of the ten alerts went south. Ouch! After all my studies in Options I believe it is a viable way to trade. After a painful sting, it is hard for me to get back to this style of trading.

Next, I looked at Day Trading or Intra Day trading and have not looked back. For now this fits my personality. I wanted a blog that follows me in the beginning of my day trading experience and later as I become an elite trader. My hope is to help other traders that are new and also give experienced traders a laugh at all my mistakes. Am I an altruist? In part yes. Also, I am blogging for selfish reasons to help my trading. Top trainers have suggested to put forth the effort and blog your experiences.

At the start of this blog I am four months into learning the ropes. From my research it looks like the learning curve is anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. I certainly hope becoming profitable doesn’t take two years! I have been in and out of the paper trading  simulator. When you first start out and you lose real money, you will sometimes hear that experience is called “Tuition”. I have unfortunately paid a lot of tuition. All of course my fault. That is only because I stubbornly stepped out of paper trading.

In summary I hope to help anyone in this volatile arena. This can be done by learning from my mistakes and successes.

Take profits and cut losses.