Stan - Stanomatic - Spilman


I owned and operated 6 small minimum wage companies in my early 20 and 30s. I discovered I can run any business and work a tremendous amount of hours that equates to minimum wage by the years end. I learned a great deal about operating companies. The experience was fantastic.

While in high school and college I discovered I had a natural knack for programming. In my thirties I started programming professionally. A few years after working for a company I stepped into consulting. I thoroughly enjoyed the consulting life. Volunteering has always been a part of my life. I ran the Boulder .NET User Group, mentored junior programmers and also gave presentations at work and various user groups. I was also a Colorado Mounted Ranger for three years.

Investing and Day Trading

In 2008, against many professional's advice, I closed our 401K accounts and invested in Gold. Yes, of course we paid both 30% penalty fee and taxes. However, we doubled our investment. Later down the road, my wife and I bought our dream ranch with our gold. In 2017 I taught myself to trade options, stocks and in late 2019, futures.

I really enjoy the art and science of day trading. I take this profession very serious. I also enjoy mentoring or teaching. My hope is to combine teaching and day trading. My goal is to mentor someone to the point where they are profitable month after month.

Other Activities

I have played competitive sports all my life. Soccer, Kenpo, Boxing, Archery, weight lifting, Marathons, Paint ball, mountain bike racing and obstacle races, Spartan and Tough Mudder. I have managed to win 1st place in most events. I enjoy the competition as I know it will push me to be better. I am very passionate about life and all it has to offer.

Trade well friends.